White Glove Managed Social Service

For busy professionals who are too busy to keep up with social media. We take care of everything so you don't have to.

I have this friend, Jenn. She is always going 100 miles per minute, saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything. When the 25th hour of the day never comes, Jenn panics and sits down with her social media accounts to push out a week’s worth of posts in the few minutes remaining before she falls asleep, exhausted, at the keyboard. Jenn always dreamt of hiring a social media person, but that’s a big dent out of the bottom line of any local business. I had Jenn in mind when my team and I put together our White Glove service.

We take care of everything. Everything. We’ll learn about your business, and create custom content specialized for any set of needs. We’ll even develop a social marketing strategy too.

This is how it works...

1) Choose Platforms


We post 2 daily posts
3 weekly image posts


We post 3 or 4 daily tweets
3 weekly image tweets


We post 2 daily text updates

2) Three Pricing Options



per month



per month



per month

All Plans Include

All powerful pro account

Your own pro account that will allow you access to see the content we schedule for you 7-14 days in advance. Content we produce will be posted to your social media accounts multiple times per day for 5 days a week. The interval of posting is designed to deliver the ideal amount of social content, at the right frequency, at the right time.

We learn about and adapt to your business

You'll fill out a short questionnaire that enables us to learn everything about your business as well as your goals. We will then immediately begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. This allows us to truly customize the content and social marketing strategy specifically for your business.

A dedicated social media expert

We will assign you with your very own social media expert who will research your industry and write engaging content, hints and tips, advice, facts, and find links to useful websites that relate to your offerings. This gives your social followers plenty of content to share, ensuring that you are engaging with them every single day.

Social media setup

If you’re missing a page for your business’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, we’ll set one up for you free of charge. We’ll also customize the page branding to best reflect your brand.

Top quality content

The content we write is written as your company and is self-promotional and positive about you. It is keyword rich and includes researched hashtags that will help promote you across social media channels.

We prepare the content in advance. As such we do not get involved in any short lived promotions that you are offering but you are free to add these in yourself at your convenience.


What others say

18er is worth every penny. The time I saved from having to jump between all my social media accounts in just the first 2 days paid for the entire monthly fee.

As a business owner, I'm always looking for ways to maximize my time online. 18er is my daily go-to solution for finding and scheduling top performing content.

With a click of a button, I can quickly and easily schedule across multiple social networks and all within a clean, user-friendly interface. It makes everything I do simple, giving me more time to focus on growing my online community. In love it!


Carol Deran

Wedding Photographer

The key to success on social media is posting high quality content in a consistent manner. 18er has saved us countless hours of work & provided more traffic & engagement for our Fan Page than we ever could have achieved without it.

What would have taken around 5-10 hours of my time each week has turned into just minutes.

It is one of the few tools where I think the subscription is worth EVERY penny. Keep up the great work guys!


Mark Johnson

PR Manager

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